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The "fanlisting" concept often baffles many visitors to this website, who haven't come across this online concept before. Are you also confused when navigating around this website? Then here is a simple, hierarchal website map with links to, and thorough descriptions of, every page available on this website.

  1. About Moonwalker
    • About the movie and game : A definition of either, and the general storyline featured in both. Go »
    • About the movie : Basic information (inc. release dates, directors, starring, etc) as well as a detailed plot summary. Go »
    • About the game : Basic information (inc. release dates, developers, platforms, etc) and a brief summary of the game's intentions. Go »

  2. View / join the fanlisting
    • About this "fanlisting" : Learn more about "fanlistings", and this fanlisting in particular. Go »
    • Link back to us : Themed banners to link back to this fanlisting with. Go »
    • Join the "Moonwalker" fanlisting : Speaks for itself! Go »
      • Update your listed information : If you are an already listed fan, but have changed your details - such as your email address, or country of residence. Go »
      • Retrieve a new password : A password is needed to safely update your member information - as described above - once you are a listed fan. If you have lost this password since joining the fanlisting, then retrieve a new one here. Go »
    • View already listed fans of "Moonwalker" : - from a huge variety of countries. Go »

  3. Website information
    • About this "fanlisting" : Learn more about "fanlistings", and this fanlisting in particular. Go »
    • Layout design and validation: Information about the website's design. Go »
    • Credits and resources: A list of people and organisations that made this website possible. Go »
    • Disclaimer (legalities): The "I am not being paid to run this website! .etc." page. Go »
    • Contact the site owner: Ways to contact the site owner, by online form or direct email. Go »
    • Fanlisting affiliates: A list of "Moonwalker"-related fanlistings you may also want to join. Go »

  4. Return home?
    • Features general website introduction, and an "updates box" displaying the date that the website has been last updated, and the latest fans that have joined and been added to the fanlisting. Go »