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About this fanlisting

This is the only fanlisting checked by The Fanlistings Network for the wonderfully strange "Moonwalker" movie and game series, which was conceptualised by Michael Jackson and released in 1988. It is listed in the following categories and subcategories at TFL: Movies » M AND Games » Computer, Console, Video, & Web Games (check at this page).

This movie was released the year I was born (1988), and stapled a place in my childhood memory ever since I first saw it in the early 1990s. It is almost like a dozen short films in one epic, surreal dream, hanging in the cosmos with an eerie emptiness; so seperate from everyday life, but so close to Jackson's warped isolation in his own superfame. Who could forget the adorable Brandon playing Michael in "Badder"? All the children dancing with so much conviction? The intro with all the Jackson 5 flashbacks on the T.V. screen? The scary, plasticine fans running after Michael as the bunny Spike during "Speed Demon"? The "no moonwalking" sign on the highway? The crashing teeth and dancing dogs during "Leave Me Alone"? And of course, Mr. Big, and all those spiders and the horrible, sinking ideas of world domination through killing child innocence. The movie was just so captivating for children - and adults!

The game was less surreal, but more comforting - we used to play it on our family computer in the bedroom me, my sister and my brother all used to share, and played it whenever we had birthday parties and all our family and school friends came round. Everyone adored how you could defeat baddies with MJ's dance moves, and who could ever forget the way Kellie cried for "Michael!" to save her? How Bubbles would jump on your back at the end of the level and direct you to the boss? And the computer-byte style music to "Smooth Criminal"!

We revisited the movie and game soon after Jackson's death, and I was completely mesmerised with how well Moonwalker tapped into the child's imagination - convoluted, vibrant scenes - robots, space, baddies, lost children, magical rescue missions - how beautifully Jackson's ideals and glittering personality were revealed in every scene. It was epic when I watched it as a child dozens of times or played the game on that ye olde computer, and still is now, despite us all having grown so much. And that is the magic of Jackson's influence.

The memories Michael Jackson has left for me are unmatched, and forever adored. I could remember a Michael Jackson song or music video, and almost always remember a happy family memory attached very closely to it. Moonwalker was a magical epitome of it all for me, and I'm so glad to have been a part of it.

If you also love Moonwalker, then you can join this fanlisting and add your name to a growing list of people who also adore it. This ones for you, Michael!