About "Moonwalker": the Game
Game cover

Release date(s): 1989
Developers: Emerald Software; Keypunch Software
Publisher: U.S. Gold
Platforms: Amiga; Amstrad CPC; Atari ST; Commodore 64; MS-DOS; MSX; ZX Spectrum; Game Boy (canceled); NES (canceled)
Genres: Maze game / Beat 'em up / Platformer / Shooter game / Single-player
Input methods: Keyboard; Joystick

Several video games created by U.S. Gold and Sega in 1989 and 1990 that incorporate the personage of and were co-developed by the late Michael Jackson. The arcade version, home console version and home computer versions all differ in terms of gameplay, but the story and concept remain constant. The story, which is taken from the Moonwalker film, follows Michael, using various music and dance related abilities, on a quest to save kidnapped children from the hands of the evil "Mr. Big". The games incorporated synthesized versions of the musician's hits, such as "Beat It" and "Smooth Criminal". The games have now achieved cult status and are remembered for being a memorable point in Jackson's change to a different stage persona from Thriller to Bad.

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