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Why I made this fanlisting

This is the only fanlisting checked by and listed at The Fanlistings Network for the beautiful Michael Jackson song, "Heal the World", in the "Songs: Male Solo" category, and then the "J" subcategory (check at this page).

You know what, I wrote a whole mini essay about why I loved this song, then it all got wiped because I accidentally deleted the page too. So I see that as a sign that I need to keep this short...

With Michael Jackson's death on 25 June 2009, I was affected in more ways I could have ever imagined. His music was a huge part of my childhood and my developing appreciation for music - he was my first solid musical interest when I came of age to understand "interests" - but his importance to my cultural development was never overtly evident until the moment he had already left us all.

In particular, Dangerous (released in 1991) was a very loved music album in our family home. I used to pine for Michael so much when I was around 5 or 6 years old! The whole feel of the Dangerous album excited me when I was so young, yet still excites me today. There is a strong power throughout the whole album - sharp syncopated drum beats, clean, aching vocals, grooving melodies with slapping dances; then eerie melodies seen in "Heal the World" and "Will You Be There" that carry you to an alternate space, where you can view the world as it truly is - one united Earth for all of humanity. I loved how "Heal the World" would be followed by "Black or White" - both songs sang for causes that dominate the meaning of my life still to this day. I wish also to see a world healed of negative prejudice/discrimination and abuse. In my early youth, I would listen to the songs as they made me dance and sing and love, engrained into my memory; thus today, I only remember Michael for those messages he sang for in socially conscious songs such as "Heal the World" and "Black or White" - and how he tried to advocate these wonderful messages of peace across the world, through his music. I feel as if this very simple song advocated everything MJ believed and wanted in his life.

"Heal the World" was my favourite song back then, and it still is now. Looking back, by singing this song, I imagine it gave me that sense of comfort and security everyone needs and I very fortunately had in my own childhood. It's such a precious and indispensible feeling. This song is like a chunk of that feeling for me. The smooth, buttery harmonies - Michael's voice rising and flowing like the sweetest river - smiles and free hope linked hand in hand. I loved how I could sing to it - the words so simple and flowing, the hope for a "better world" for the "entire human race" so natural and minimal in words, but so wholesome in meaning. Every evening since his passing, I look up at the moon, and know Michael is finally in his "better place".

I feel sad that Michael has left us. I know it sounds silly, because how can you mourn for someone you don't really know? But as he was always so openly vulnerable through the media (who empowered and bullied him throughout his life), through his music and his good and bad times the general public really gained an insight into what made Michael the true legend he was - even if it only was a 5% insight into his whole real persona. His music travels with me through time and space - it's ethereal and real at the same time - catchy and familiar yet superbly distinct: the memories he has left for me are unmatched, and forever adored. I could remember a Michael Jackson song, and almost always remember a happy family memory attached very closely to it.

If you also love this song and everything Michael Jackson sang for in it, you can join this fanlisting and add your name to a growing list of people who also adore it. This ones for you, Michael!