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Finally, the actual fan list! Simply choose the country by which you would like to view all fans of the gorgeous Michael Jackson song "Heal the World" (from the dropdown menu below), in alphabetical order. Here is my tribute to the true moonwalker himself...

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Ai~ from Philippines (email; website)
It's quite a beautiful song in that it focuses on something beyond the individual. It tells us all what we need to do to contribute to the betterment of the world.
Andi from Poland (email; website)
It was one of many great songs by Michael but definitely very impacting and special and stays forever in one's heart.
Andrea from United States (email; website)
It reminds me to go out into this world and make a difference. Do something positive for others.
Anni from Finland (email; website)
Heal The World.... The song makes people wake up. And the way Mike made those words to this beautiful song.. IT'S MAGIC!
Brandika from Philippines (; website)
To me it means his hope (and everyone's hope) for the "better world". I couldn't explain it better than he said in the song - unless I'm allowed to put my own long essay/song analysis here! :D
Brenda Beazley from United States (email; website)
HTW is a mantra that reminds me that I am a part of a larger force called humanity, and I must aspire to always do my part in assisting that force toward the betterment of the earth and all mankind.
Brooke from Netherlands Antilles (; website)
Camila from Netherlands Antilles (; website)
Chelsea Lynn from Australia (; website)
Chrys Martens from France (; website)
Eowyn from Hungary (; website)
Erika from Philippines (email; website)
Genny from Philippines (email; website)
This song means so much to me, it's impossible to sum it up in 200 characters. Michael continues to inspire me everyday & I thank him for everything.
Georgie from Australia (email; website)
It means a lot to me - it's my favourite MJ song by far, it's sweet and it comes straight from the heart. It really sends out a beautiful message.
Gill from Germany (email; website)
To me it means that I can still hope for a better world
Grecia from Peru (; website)
It has changed me a lot, I found it so beautiful and so inspiring.
Hannah from Australia (email; website)
Jaye from United States (; website)
Joy from United States (; website)
I love this song. It is such a great song. One of my favorites of Michael. I also sang this song in 5th grade chorus.
Juinttu from Finland (; website)
That song mean maybe all for me. First, I love the lyrics and melody. I, I love all in this song, my words aren't just enough to tell, how much I love this song. Michael have God's heart
Kaci from United States (; website)
It means hope. If everyone in this world could hear 'Heal The World' they might actually try and help the world because it needs it now more than anything. Michael has touched the lives of millions.
Kate from England (; website)
It reminds me to try and be a good person as much as I can be, as there's too much bad karma in the world already x
Kati from Finland (email; website)
Katie from United States (; website)
Kitty from France (; website)
To heal the world before it is too late !
Kristin from United States (email; website)
It's just a beautiful song with a message of hope and making the world the way it should be.
Kristin Magpayo "Jackson" from Philippines (; website)
Michael Jackson created this song not just to perform it to his million of Fans.He created it to inspired us that we must save and heal the world for the better of our Children of the World.
Laura from Scotland (; website)
Lindsay ^_^ from United States (; website)
Maria from Costa Rica (email; website)
It has quite a deep meaning for me. I'm pretty sure that's one of the firsts songs I heard when I was younger, it made me try to be better at everything. Actually, still does.
Mau from Philippines (; website)
World peace. The wars need to end, all we need to do is HEAL THE WORLD.
Missy from United States (email; website)
Memories of junior high school; it was the themesong for our social activism projects.
Nadia from Argentina (email; website)
Patricia from United States (email; website)
This song is a wonderful part of Michael's legacy. His desire to help people all over the world will be remembered.
Raine from England (; website)
The smooth, buttery harmonies - so simple and flowing, the hope for a “better world” so natural and minimal in words, but so wholesome in meaning. I hope Michael is finally in his “better place” now.
Robine from Netherlands (email; website)
Sarah from United States (email; website)
Shukaku from United States (; website)
This is one of Michael Jackson's most influential songs, in my opinion. It shows just how much love he had for people and how much hope he had for our future.
Trinette Rani from United States (; website)
to help the dying earth and its people.
Valeria from Malaysia (; website)
Vivi from Chile (; website)